The Godsend Project Portfolio

Gallery Portfolio based on a personally written short story. This a process of the visual development to bring it to life.

Sets/ Scenes/Environment=
"Meeting Elsilva"
<----Just a quick idea of meeting Elsilva
"Welcome to the Galaxy"   
<---This is concept for the space ship the main character arrives in the very being of the story. Already there should be a sense of 'tourist travel'.

      It means 'Illuminated Forests'.


 <----"Elsilva"= Elsilva is Illusilva's forest god. Elsilva can only be seen in the light/flare of Illi plants light. Her name translate to 'The Forest' because ever part of the ears in becomes her body.
 <--- "Acolyte Kylis"= Main Character. Religious Pilgrim, but a sense of unified warrior.

<----"Acolyte Kylis' Looks"= 'From a far, she appears hard, and stern, but beautiful. Her hair is soft, a true gold and her eyes are grey or no pigment, but have the capability to refract light back. Almost appearing as though the color she picks up from her surroundings, move and are saturated. The eyes are the only part of her that show her supernatural origins.'