Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Blog, New ways

supernatural copyright wb and eric kripke.
             I would like to say a warm welcome to anywho happened upon my blog or just let me just believe someone is actually reading this somewhere in the world. Any who! This my blog (if you havent guessed that I'm a little worried for you) where I post sketches, maybe a little venting with a side of geeking out. I decided to establish this wonderful piece of technology because it seems all the cool kids are doing or at least all the good illustrators are. I do have a Deviant art (, which is where you probably know me from, but I think I'm going to start to use that for finished pieces and this for sketches and other.

     So stay tune. More sketches ( and even better ones) like above to come! Remember kiddies, all my drawing are copyrighted to me so no sneaky stealing. You can use them for learning purposes or inspiration but no saying you own them, cause then I'm going to hunt you down and trust me, its not pretty!

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