Monday, August 22, 2011

Mythostre: Maae Manie Character Design 1

(Note: Originally going to release Nusa and Manie's characters sheet, but due to computer going in to be wiped and worked on, Manie's sheet has been put on hold. For now this will have to due. Oh, and I will be fixing up this drawing by removing under 'grey lines' but once again, computer issues are in the way.)
Nusa is Manie's love interest as appeared on the preview with Manie himself. Nusa is a major character, but is not seen until main character Manie is older. Nusa is an 'untouchable' due to her distorted features and outcast-ed upon 'forgotten' hill. Her job is to help Manie is his quests.
After Manie and Nusa's story arc, humanity places 'Nusa' as the word for light, and 'Manie' as the world for love/gift

“Maae Manie vale, Tunik e Nusa neida e Manei”
My love is shadow, begetting the light of the perfect world.”

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