Monday, March 12, 2012

The Godsend Project: Illusilva, The Sixtheen Wonder of the Galaxy

(Illusilva, first concept art)

The Godsend Excerpt: 

"Illusilva, the sixteenth wonder of the galaxy and home to the largest forest recorded in any sentient species history. No planet among our long discover galaxy has ever held such a vast quantity of plant species. So much so, that it is the only life that grows on planet. Nothing ever evovled: no people, animals or any other organism ever came before or after. Each plant discovered in the first visit to the planet, was a 'helper-plant', creating a cohesive environment.

"All the plants hold every color imagined, and some so unique, no one can reproduce them again on any other planet or lab. Like the national Illimi plant that gave the planet its overwhelming fame. It is one of many type of planet that provides the needed light that the other plants are missing on the bottom of large caves. It is a long, stocky plant that has vines that travel outward and downward no matter what the surface. It produces a vibrant blossoms that physically illuminate in the center, and its leaves appear transparent silver that helps it glow neon colors. Scientist (or among commonly galatic used language, Sairi)  once tried to remove a single growth of Illimi from its brethren among the cave tops, but soon as they removed with the extreme care, the planet shriveled up and faded into sand and so did its family. Worried they may have destroyed a single ecosystem in one visit, the scientist quickly left the site. Only to discover, the planet regrew over night."

          "After scientific discovery, Illusilva gained it's title and name. After a few years, the sairi deemed the planet only visitable for anyone, and soon the market hoped onto its ability to use this unusual planet as a tourist destination of all species. You can find projis adds on every world with a transit tourist advertising:  'The impossible illuminated forest that dwells under the sands!' What their smiling, false representatives forget to mention in the adds: it is one of the highest death rated planets as well. The first wonder of the galaxy to have the worst rep. That’s quite a statement against the seventh wonder, Langest System’s Black hole."

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